UKCPS 16th Open Annual Exhibition 2017

Highly Commended

UKCPS 16th Open Annual Exhibition 2017

25th April – 6th May 2017 Menier Gallery, London

It’s always great to take part in the UKCPS Annual exhibition, I get to meet up with members and see what they’ve been concentrating their creative energy into.  This year the standard of technique was very high and I was very pleased to have my drawing ‘Highly Commended’. I entered my drawing ‘Open or Closed?’ I produced this drawing using Caran d’ache Luminance 6901 pencils on Fabriano Tiziano black paper. I always find drawing hands a challenge and I enjoyed creating the image on a dark ground. Hands can be an expressive extension of our own inner feelings. In this portrait of my hands I considered my own attitudes, reflecting on the contrast of energy in having an open or closed stance. Do I want to give and be open to receiving or do I want to hold on to what I have and stay closed?

The UK Coloured Pencil Society welcome all levels of skills – just a keen interest in learning or using coloured pencil is enough.

‘The UK Coloured Pencil Society was founded in 2001 with three main aims in mind – to promote excellence in coloured pencils as a fine art medium, to support UK based artists who use coloured pencils, in any genre and to educate artists, and the public in general, about coloured pencils. It has enabled professional coloured pencil artists to promote their artistry within this specialisation and share their expertise with amateur members. Our website offers examples of what can be achieved with coloured pencils, links to artists who use them, and details of upcoming events and exhibitions which promote this versatile medium.’  From the Society website

I love my coloured pencils and have very happy memories as a child, sitting at my Grandmother’s table with the tin of pencils and paper, spending hours drawing.  As a member of the society, it’s great to be part of a group of people who love coloured pencils as much as I do!

So much works goes into organising and setting up the exhibition and I’m very grateful to all the people who run the society and produce the magazine ‘Talking Point’.  The Society has recently changed their logo and I think it looks great.Thanks again to everybody involved in setting up and running this years show!