Tabernacle Art Competition


I have a pastel drawing in the Tabernacle Art  Competition 2011 ‘Feeling’ at Moma wales, Machynlleth 18th July to 3rd September.  The drawing is part of a dream series and is called ‘Severance’.  It is about the feelings of loss and separation I experienced when my daughter left Wales to go Uni in London.  I would like to think that other parents looking at the image would empathise with me.  I did not mean to make myself look so sad, afterall leaving home is part of a natural order of events that must happen and in fact shows that somewhere I have fullfilled my role as a parent.  If you look in the image you will see the river, which in real life eventually leads back to the sea and the coastline of  beautiful Wales where I live.  I’m hoping that one day her roots will bring her back!