Jacksons Open Painting Prize 2018

Oil painting of Gemma Green-Hope by Sarah Hope
‘Memory’s Scent’ an oil painting of Gemma Green-Hope by Sarah Hope


I’m delighted to say that my oil painting ‘Memory’s Scent’ has made it to the Jacksons Open Painting Prize 2018.  If you’d like to vote for me in the ‘People’s Choice Award’ I’d be very grateful.  Here is a link to the longlist, after registering to vote you’ll find me on page 8 or search category ‘portrait/figure’ and I’m on the first page.  www.jacksonspaintingprize.com/longlist-3

Voting ends 29th April.

Many thanks for your support.

Info about the painting….

This is a portrait of my daughter, the animator, illustrator and designer Gemma Green-Hope.  Over the years I have drawn and painted my daughter many times, she continually inspires me.  In this image she is dressed in both her deceased Grandmother’s clothes and is wearing some of her jewellery.  In the background I’ve painted black and white photos of both her Grandmothers.  Gemma is smelling her maternal Grandmother’s favourite perfume.  This painting celebrates the enduring love and connection between a Granddaughter and her Grandmothers.