Gwanwyn Festival Art Commission

Emyrs Williams has completed his commissioned painting for the Gwanwyn Festival.   It’s very interesting to see  how the painting has developed which you can look at by following his blog.   He has a fine show of his work from the last five years at Oriel Theatr Clwyd in Mold.  I like the surreal dream-like landscapes that Emrys paints, with his recurring motifs, so that after looking at the paintings for a while, there is a sense of narrative, of an emerging mysterious story.

The completed Gwanwyn Festival Art Commission is on display at Theatr Clwyd with examples of work from the other two shortlisted artists myself and Jan Gardner.     Jan’s painting is full of vibrant colours and I especially like the turquoise and orange colours in the painting that make it feel alive.  To get a better look at her brilliant paintings visit her website.

The piece of work I have submitted for the show is a pastel drawing  ‘Lynn with Head Scarf’ (905mm x 638 mm) pictured.

The Gwanwyn Festival Art Commission is on show at Theatr Clwyd until 3rd March 2012 then it continues it’s tour to different parts of Wales.