A simple contract will be drawn up for any work you commission and this will vary depending on what has been agreed. It will usually outline the following issues…


Copyright of the commissioned work will remain with the artist. Sarah Hope will be entitled to copy or reproduce the commissioned work in whatever manner she wishes for the purposes of publicity and promotion.


The price payable for the commissioned work will be payable in instalments during the course of the work in accordance with normal procedure details of which will be in the contract. An interest charge at a reasonable rate will be applied to overdue payments.


Any sitter will be required to give such sittings and other assistance, for example, photographs, as the artist requires for the successful completion of the work.


If you or any sitter cancels the commissioned work before it is completed, you will be required to pay such sum (taking into account payments already made) as will reward the artist for the work completed to the date of cancellation and all expenses incurred by the artist in connection with the commissioned work. The unfinished work will belong to the artist.


Any dispute arising in connection with the commissioned work between the artist and you and/or any sitter which cannot be resolved shall be to an independent arbitrator. His/Her decision shall be final and binding.